Praying that everyone is safe and healthy at home. Special thank you to all the essential workers.

These are certainly interesting times. Depending on your circumstances you could be in isolation or quarantined with many family members either way it can be a challenge and a blessing at the same time.

All of our Readers have agreed to offer zoom sessions if you are looking for guidance and connection don't hesitate to contact us about how this works. I will work personally with you to set up your zoom link and work as a battery with the Reader of your choice to help enhance the connection to Spirit.

I have been involved with spiritual studies for over 40 years and have had extensive training contacting spirit and higher realms. Among my teachers are International Mediums John Johnson (Arthur Findlay College, England), Rev. Janet Nohavec (The Journey Within), Simon James, Brian Robertson, Rev. Tony Stockwell, Doreen Virtue and Rev. William Daut. I believe this to be sacred work and do not take this lightly. During my readings I connect to the spirit world  and ask for whatever the sitter needs whether it is a message from a loved one, spiritual healing or information from higher realms.

My mission is to help others by teaching and sharing what I have learned along the way in that there is so much more than one could imagine than this physical world we live in and to encourage, empower and inspire others to deepen their own connection to the Spirit World.


Kathleen James, Medium

OUR April Fair is cancelled-visit us hopefully on may 15th

Beautiful Tibet

Two Eagles Healing Stones

Two Eagles Healing Stones


Two Eagles Healing Stones

Two Eagles Healing Stones

Two Eagles Healing Stones




Connect with your higher self

As we recognize that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we eventually come to the realization that we are charged with the responsibility of elevating the human consciousness in preparation for the next phase of the Earth’s spiritual evolution. We invite you to join us in this joyous celebration of spirit and healing!


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Commune with your loved ones, teachers and spiritual guides by connecting with our circle of spiritual mediums. Renew your commitment to health through healing treatments.  


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Expand your awareness of holistic products, services and businesses.  We offer a unique selection of vendors offering the highest quality items and services that will stir your soul. 


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