Exhibitor Benefits

Non-Competitive Philosophy

The Hudson Valley Holistic Fairs hold a great field for the collective and unity and does not advocate or endorse competition. In cases where there is a unique product or service, we will use our discretion to allow the uniqueness of that product or service to have exclusive showcasing, i.e, filtered water, Acupressure, etc. It is our experience that attendees gravitate to Healers and Readers and as such, we tend to have more than one at our expos. Similarly we embrace the uniqueness that Artists bring to their sacred creations and as such welcome a variety unique Artists.

Promotional Assistance

Our comprehensive advertising campaign will appear in Natural Awakenings, Inner Realm and Wisdom magazines. We will highlight what makes our exhibitors special on Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, Patch, Mailchimp, and our website along with various other rotating online and print advertising. In addition, we have a very successful support team to post flyers in retail spaces and use word of mouth to advertise locally.

Exhibitor Application Process

If you would like to be considered as a Reader, Healer or Vendor for this fair, email us directly at Please include a description of your product and/or services.  When you are approved we will forward a link to the payment portal for the deposit to hold your space