Liz gives detail-oriented readings bring through great clarity and evidence that your loved ones in spirit are with you. She brings compassion and healing to each reading. One of the best mediums we know!





Rev. Christine is a talented psychic/medium who has been practicing for over 10 years.  She is clairaudient (hears) and clairvoyant (sees) the spirit of your loved ones.  She brings through messages of love and hope and direct evidence that your loved ones are with you.  She also reaches to your spirit guides and angels.  She has done extensive advanced training with the Interspiritual Center of Fairfield, NJ as well as various online webinars with John Holland and James Van Praagh.  She does private, small group and platform mediumship and attends Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism

in Old Greenwich, CT.


PSYCHIC READER who can gather information from angels, saints, prophets, guides and masters to help and aid sitters in: work, business, career, school, relationships, family members, friendship , real estate, etc.  His specialty is past lives and how they relate to present business and the present life of the sitter. James has been a practicing Spiritualist for 25 years. He has studied mediumship, clairvoyance and spirit communication at The Lily Dale Assembly NY; The New London Spiritualist Church, CT; at The Christian Metaphysical Chapel of Norfolk, VA; at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (Edgar Cayce) in Virginia Beach, VA and at Shawnee’s Trading Post in Sedona, AZ. He has been a student of the energy technique and lightwork (“The Heavenwork”) of Rand Jameson Shields since 2008. His longest duration of study has been at the Farmington Hypnosis and Awareness Center under the tutelage of 

Althea DePascale.




Lorna J. Hines, LCSW, PR/LCSW, ACSW is a multi talented and gifted Medium, Trance Healer, Intuitive, Coach. Psychotherapist, Inspirational Speaker, Teacher and Author who was initially guided into the Behavioral Health Industry to provide skillful and compassionate

care to those with unseen hurts and pain. During a career spanning more than 40 years, she functioned as a Psychotherapist, Researcher, Trainer, Administrator, University Professor, and CEO; She developed significant expertise in cultural competence, trauma, sexual and physical abuse and presented scientific papers both nationally and internationally. After receiving guidance from Spirit, she was encouraged to expand her natural abilities in mediumship, healing, and inspirational speaking. She sought instruction and guidance from world-renowned mediums and tutors in the field. In 2018 after extensive study and training she was awarded a credential in speaking and demonstrating by the Spiritualist National Union in the United Kingdom. Lorna has demonstrated both nationally, internationally, and on the radio. She was recently a featured guest on “The We Don’t Die “ radio and podcast. Lorna provides both individual and group readings in person and online. She has planned and developed and implemented educational and training programs in mediumship and trance healing. Her blogs, poetry and short stories contained intense healing elements that have been appreciated by thousands. Lorna has provided treatment and care to all age groups, individually, in couples and groups. She has treated many people with unseen hurts in her thriving practice of psychotherapy. She continues to teach and has an active consultative enterprise. In her spare time Lorna support an orphanage in northern Ghana where disabled children receive care, love attention and access to education. Most of these children avoided death due to their perceived and actual disabilities. Lorna has named these children “Spirit Children”. You may see examples of Lorna’s spiritual abilities on her Utube channel.

ANGELA PIZZARELLO - tarot card reader


 Angela Pizzarello is an Intuition Guide, Reiki Master and an Emotional Freedom Coach with more than 28 years of experience reading energy.  Her readings explore the patterns, relationship dynamics and spiritual lessons that are influencing the situation at hand.  Her special gifts allow her to get to the root of the issue in a concise and loving manner.  In addition, her sessions empower her clients by explaining how Intention, Free Will, and the Law of Attraction all play a crucial role in creating one's life.


Michael Kim is a NYC based psychic medium who was born in South Korea and raised in NY. He comes from a family of psychic mediums. Michael graduated from the psychic development program at HSI (Holistic Studies Institute), successfully completed HSI’s advanced trance mediumship course taught by Marion Hedger, studied privately with a former teacher of the Berkley Psychic Institute and attended multiple workshops at the Edgar Cayce center to improve his mediumship. He has also participated in séances at HSI and received his Séance conductor certification. Michael believes that he was given this ability to see, to help guide others and heal.




 Joan’s spiritual counseling is recognized in seven books including the first edition of The 100 Top Psychics in America, Psychic New York. and The Rational Psychic. She contributed a chapter in the new book Harmony in Chakras, published just last year. She has been interviewed in WAG Magazine, The Greenwich Time, The Wall St. Journal and The Daily News, in which she predicted the flooding of NYC.

Joan offers a variety of divinations. She is one of the few readers who uses a regular deck of playing cards, actually only half a deck.  Her interpretations are less abstract and symbolic than a Tarot reader and are highly intuitive. She glances at your palm- the map of your brain and does numerology to help you know timing for events and themes in your life. As a sought after medium, she will can offer messages from loved ones who have passed.  Joan is a veteran reader for over 25 years.


 Vivian is an inspired reader. She came into her gifts quite unexpectedly. Out of the blue came a force not to be denied. She has accepted and embraced these wonderful gifts, and revels in the joy and healing they provide - to her sitters - using her Tarot & Mediumship to guide and pass along messages. 





Intuitive Psychic Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher of the Intuitive Arts who offers intuitive and psychic readings to serve as a vessel for guidance to help others. She is very sincere inspirational and aims to guide  you through everyday life. Her readings are in-depth and bring clarity, higher knowledge, and powerful insights. If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


With more than 15 years’ experience as a tarot card reader, Patti’s goal is to help clients gain clarity, perspective and direction in their lives.  She is a contributor to Sheilaa Hite's book, 101 Tarot Spreads by 20 Modern Tarot Masters (Volume 1). Patti is also a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui Method of Natural Healing, Crystal Reiki and Animal Reiki. 




Using the minds eye for clear vision and her inner voice for blunt and direct answers. Psychic Miledys Pons can channel your spirit guides, higher self and ancestors for suggestions. That may aid in overcoming current difficulties. Miledys uses her 10 plus years of intuitive skills, African Tarot and Archangel Decks to provide you with a soulful reading. Shifting your perspective on life, bring you back into a state of harmony from within. Miledys has been serving urban communities in New York City for the past 20 years as a social worker, community coordinator and wellness consultant, with a major factor in the Bronx. Miledys is also a training fitness educator.


 Rev. Jackie Bumm is a communicator with the spirit world and a channel of light. Jackie uses light energy for mediumship, healing and for the awakening of your spiritual gifts. Jackie is trained as an oracle and directly channels messages, she does not need cards or tools. During a reading Jackie can connect to source, loved ones, pets, angels, masters and guides. Jackie is a direct descendant of Native Americans. She uses her shamanic gifts to see and clear blockages from this life and past lives.  She is a great guide and teacher on your ascension process. Jackie has committed her life to awakening light workers and raising the consciousness of the world.


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