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 Healthy microcirculation is vital to the cardiovascular system, and vasomotion is a process in the microcirculatory system that assists the heart in delivering blood to the smallest vessels in the body. Improving healthy microcirculation, through the targeted stimulation of vasomotion, is the primary goal of BEMER physical vascular therapy.

BEMER devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. The BEMER signal helps improve the impaired pumping movements of small and very small vessels to promote needs-based distribution of blood.



 Jackie is the owner, creator and everything of a line of natural gemstone healing jewelry. She is an Energist (medium and healer) and she channels energy into all of the stones as she makes the jewelry.  Jackie works with over 50 different stones and makes different sizes of everything so there’s something for everyone. She is happy to help you choose the stones that will bring peace and balance by quickly tapping into your energy and guiding you to stones that will help. This is her way of healing people You can see a bit of her jewelry on Instagram (HummingbirdAngels).  



Beautiful Tibet is a company owned by a Tibetan family who opened a store on Bleecker Street in 

New York City in 2001.  Each product is personally handpicked from the best of Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese handmade artifacts, from rural and tribal artisans living as refugees in India and Nepal. 

Founder of Beautiful Tibet, Ngawang "Ancy" Choden, was born in India as an exiled Tibetan.  In late 1995 he came to America.  He worked for several years, and then decided that his path should be to preserve and promote his cultural traditions and support Tibetan causes.

His parents are among those refugees. They still live in India in hopes of being able to return to a free Tibet.



All Shira Synergy® products are made from organically grown, ethically harvested, GMO free, solvent-free, proprietary formulations of full spectrum industrial hemp and essential oils.

Our complete extracts and aromatherapy line of Synergy Sprays® are designed and exceed the highest standards of purity, quality and efficacy. CBD is non-psychoactive ingredient and has no contraindications, side effects and naturally supports your endocannabinoid system.

Our products are mind-body-spirit focused and are dietary supplements.  Pick up a copy of Shira's book:

 The ABC’s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents

(And regular folks too)




Handpicked crystals and stones for 

healing of the heart, mind and spirit. 

Their stones and crystals 

come from mines around the world, 

brought down from the mountain 

to share with you...

quartz for clarity, 

citrine for happiness, 

amethyst for meditation 

and many more 

You can find them here!



 At Kaplan Brain & Body, we use this safe, gentle and effective non-invasive technique used to keep your

 brain, spine, nerves, and energies functioning 

without interference or imbalance that

 helps to strengthen weak areas of the brain and

 turn on your body’s natural healing power. 

Functional neurology is applied clinical neuroscience 

that focuses on the scientific study of fundamental mechanisms that underlie disease and disorders of the brain and central nervous system. 



Althaea offers premium natural skincare products that promote health, beauty, and well-being, utilizing only the purest botanical extracts, essential oils, and homeopathy to nourish and heal. Formulated by homeopath, author, and herbalist Laura Josephson, CCH,  Althaea products include: Lady's Mantle Breast Health Cream, Triple Arnica Trauma Relief Oil, Rose Immortelle Facial Serum, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold Body Butter, and Skin Salvation eczema cream.   

Laura Josephson, CCH is a board certified homeopath in practice for over 25 years in Nyack and in NYC. She is author of, "A Homeopathic Handbook of Natural Remedies" (Random House 2002), teacher, lecturer, and mentor to aspiring homeopaths. 



Su Jok is a holistic therapy that uses the “pressure-pain” points found on the hands and feet which correspond to pain in the body. It is possible to stimulate these points of correspondence using a variety of techniques to manage the pain or health concern in question.

In Korean, Su (hand) and Jok (foot). Together they relate to a therapy that employs hands and feet as treatment areas for the whole body, developed by Professor Park Jae Woo, a visionary Korean scientist and philosopher with great perception and the ability to explain Eastern wisdom in terms of modern science. Our hands and feet host correspondence systems. These systems are highly active points connected to every area of the body. When these points are stimulated, energy waves are passed to the corresponding organ and to the brain. 



Our jewelry is crafted with the attentive eye of a healer;  the artisan behind our elegant and modern jewelry comes from a medical background and appreciates the health and holistic benefits, as well as the aesthetic, of wearing jewelry that contributes to an outfit which draws positive attention. We only use genuine gemstones and each item is crafted with the  highest quality jewelers material.

Lady's connection with the stones is on an intimate level. She listens to what they have to say, and with that process, and through experience and research, discovered the healing properties that exist within the stones. She decided to use the stones' natural qualities of physical, mental and spiritual healing to create jewelry of the highest quality, made with the love and 

attentive hand of a healer.  



  Beautiful, Spiritual, Handmade, Meaningful Jewelry.  Genuine gemstone jewelry is handmade with the spiritual meanings of the stones in mind. Each piece is accompanied by a romance card, which outlines the traditional spiritual meanings of the stones used to create the piece.    



 Thanks to technology, we can now incorporate the visible sky into our astrological charts quickly and easily. Thanks to the internet, true sidereal astrology is quickly gaining widespread adoption. Many now believe this is the most accurate form of astrology because it is grounded in what is actually in the sky. A system we have been using far longer than the others. It was used by the Egyptians, Persians, ancient Vedics, and 

Mayans for millennia.

An example of this is that mainstream astrology would say that someone's Sun Sign is in Leo, however, if you looked at the sky at the time of their birth you would actually see the Sun in the constellation Cancer. True sidereal astrology maintains the link between ourselves and the natural world, by viewing the stars 

as they truly are. 



 Changing the way power is made? 

Since 1997,  Green Mountain Energy has offered 

100% pollution free electricity generated exclusively 

from renewable sources. The positive impact on the environment is tremendous. On average, each household can prevent over 13,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from being released into the atmosphere annually. Changing the way power is made, 

one household at a time.